People - The Conference Experience

The Voice of Experience

A solution discovered, and experience shared. Solutions for SMB (small-medium business) need to be practical, reality based, proven in normal use. Product marketing is fine to announce a product, but it doesn't prove the value. What we all really trust is experience gained, experience shared and taking it to the next level.

The IT Pro Conference format takes that premise and drives it home by bringing you the voice of experience. Have you found you learn more in a hallway conversation at most conferences than you do in an actual session? That's why we bring the sidebar conversations among experts back from the hallway and present that as the conference program. As content and details provided, It's like no other conference you have attended.

Our experts share in debates and discussion of how they work, what they find useful, and where the pitfalls are found in complexities or irrelevant enterprise products that just don't fit. Offering far more insight than practiced presentations, our sessions put relevant debate from people with different perspectives to challenge each other, while allowing the room to feedback into the conversations.

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The worldwide community

Professional peers, a community event. In cities around the world, technology consultants who have monthly meetings locally share the familiar small business scale insights and frustrations to resolve and master. Everyone in the room is part of the discussion and in the objective search for finding relevant, proven solutions, better ideas. Now, bring together voices and experiences from around the world and you have a depth of experience with a worldwide perspective.

If you routinely visit the online community discussion forums, you will recognize many names here. Among the attendees, panelists, yes even the sponsoring vendors we bring together are the most proactive voices online. This is your opportunity to put a face to those name, take you questions into conversations, and to share a weekend or a week with people who may well become friends you will see year after year, anywhere you go to industry events. The difference here is that it's one conversation the encompasses a global community of experience.

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Innovation, Discovery & Debate

Interact with the Panel Discussion, validate your ideas. Small business IT consulting is particularly complex because you have all the range of needs, products and solutions of a huge company, but the constraints of a small business to budget, absorb and implement in a practical scale. Sometimes the answer isn't what products you need, rather the innovation in how you use it.

Whether you are a consultant, system integrator, managed service provider or the leader of a team of technology specialists, this conference will open your eyes to work practices and insight you won't get anywhere else. It's not enough to know there's a new product, we need to know when it's ready for adoption, cost effective and proven to work with a range of solutions and applications.

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Conversations and Content Think conversations, not  lectures, discussions more than presentations. Now you have a better sense of how this will unfold. Informative, real world, in-tune with real people. For a weekend or a week...pick your experience and the time you can set aside...and we provide you the opportunity to meld into brainstorming with people at the top of their industry. The best consultants at small business IT consulting have experience to share, questions to explore, ideas to flesh out.

Beyond the sessions format, our conference is filled with uniquely New Orleans style evening events, exceptional food and entertainment, live music every night, and the experience of a vacation encapsulated into a conference with real value. You will find opportunity in each hour.

Part of the "experience" here is the fun, the excitement and the chance to go off topic. Our professional lives strongly influence our personal time, constrain us from holidays breaks, and even taking normal weekends. We promise you won't forget this conference experience! 

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Small Scale and Right Sized

Are you active in a local IT Pro Community Group? How often is the practical answer you need available in the audience, and not at the podium? In these events, we'll open up the dialog, bring it back from the hallways and expand it into the meeting sessions. Consultants and technology providers who support small businesses all face a number of common challenges, not the least of which is finding information that you can use which is practical, timely, in budget and scale for this type of business environment.

We take the community group meeting experience to a higher level event. We are all searching for real solutions proven by the experience of experts and peers alike in small businesses you can relate to. The technology and business goals for these events are to distill practical methods and approaches rather than relying upon the standard set of out-of-scale iconic guidelines handed down for enterprise scale technology. Small businesses and their IT leaders need clear and accessible guidelines that fit.

You need to talk to people on your same track in business and life to excel. Typical for the majority of IT Pros in this small scale market segment, we ourselves are small businesses. Like our customers, we too have scaling problems in our business operations and in building partnerships and contacts.  You need an experience like a local professional group meeting with a larger scope of participation. Join in the discussion where it spills out from an expert panel, flows into every circle of chairs for days where the next topic to debate is the question you want to ask? This is your event.

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