2008 Conference Daily Event and Travel Calendar

Repeat after me: I don't want to miss the Jazz Reception on Thursday night!

It was really special kickoff introduction for everyone and set the tone and distinctive style of this conference in 2007. More food, music, and people coming together for fun!

Notice that we move the dates up earlier in May 2008 (no Memorial Day conflict). We've added a day to the weekend conference this year, with full session days Friday and Saturday, plus a half day wrap-up on Sunday morning. This leave plenty of time to enjoy that afternoon in New Orleans or catch a flight home if you must head out. Did I mention we have a new venue this year? Come get a new view in New Orleans!

Got  your eye on the cruise, or maybe your spouse is driving that plan? This year you have most of Sunday free to sightsee New Orleans. We'll also have a mixer Sunday night to introduce everyone and plan the morning embarkation on Monday. Your flight out the following weekend can be convenient on Saturday afternoon, but why not stay over for one last night in the Big Easy?

Two Distinctly Different Conferences Experiences

Two events, or maybe you combine them for one Getaway Week?

Both agendas will offer a mix of business and technical topics, but these are totally different formats and experiences. Comparing the French Quarter Sessions versus the Caribbean Cruise Seminars, you certainly find that some of the conversation carries forward, but in the change of participants and environment you have different perspectives and visions revealed. Either way you have loads of time to relax and enjoy yourself while you meet and reconnect with your industry peers and friends.

The French Quarter Conference is not like the typical event you have attended...we focus on conversation, not lectures. Our sessions approach structured panel discussions and targeted presentations to mix 60/40% in favor of more technical and skill oriented sessions, as well as product and technology based issues. You will find the group dynamics of debate, technology orientation topics and a "conference atmosphere" will distinguish a different pace and perspective from the cruise experience. We'll have some workshops and some side-bar experiences to let you step out if you wish, or stay on the single-track format we'll offer. It's one track, but it's a blended discussion about the business of dealing with technology.

The Caribbean Cruise Sessions will flip over to favor an orientation for even more of the business vision, imagination and career track planning. Our daily seminar at sea planning is intended to inspire leadership vision more than the mechanics of work. You are more likely to find yourself relaxing for an hour on deck with a peer in discussion of your business goals moving to achievements, while relaxing and enjoying that day in fresh air at sea. Our seminars for the day are intended to nudge the discussion while allowing you and your spouse or companion to getaway from the normal routine of work, to get a fresh perspective on your world.