Transition Strategies: Migrations, Upgrades and Services 

For 2008 our topic of Transition Strategies: Migrations, Upgrades and Services provides us an opportunity to explore why "change management" is crucially dependent upon planning and execution.

3-Day Conference - Session Outline (To be Finalized)

Friday Morning - May 9



Friday Afternoon - May 9



Saturday Morning - May 10


Saturday Afternoon - May 10




Sunday Morning - May 11


Conference Topics for 2008

In 2008, if you are a consultant or solution provider in this industry, you must be braced to see change unlike anything in the last 10 years. In the Windows platform perspective, this next year is a transition like from Win9x to NT or 200x. There are compatibility and extensibility issue for every application and device. There's nothing trivial on the way forward.

So many of the questions you should ask yourself before you take on a fresh round of upgrades, customer engagements, commitments to services and your obligations are all determined by choosing your path, or letting it be determined by default of not planning. Our goal for this conference is to help you find the right road-map, the right product orientation, and the key elements of success in managing the next transition you will undertake. You can't just assume that a new product slides into place in an existing business, much less for a similar product in use. This may be the year you review your customers and your business and decide that now is the time to look at optimizing your business first. How do you prepare? What are your resources? That's what we will cover in the voice of experience.

Presentation Team

In 2008 we have again assembled over 25 MVPs and community leaders participating in our presentation team. Over 60 respected MVPs and leaders reviewed the content! Our full focus is upon providing you with "the voice of experience", it's unique in how we choose our panelist and session topics. 

Members of the Microsoft Product Team for SBS join us again this year, adding to the perspective of the MVPs and leading SMB consultants who have worked with SBS for years, and with the "beta" release of SBS 2008 and EBS 2008. This event is a combination of research and response interaction with technical product teams you normally don't see at most event.

We again will emphasize the spectrum with strength in the SMB industry within SBS, Windows Server, Exchange, ISA, SQL, Sharepoint, CRM, Security, Accounting, and Managed Services. Expect experienced partners to bring focus on the 2008 releases for SBS and Centro, real perspectives beyond the prerelease marketing spin. We'll explore these new product releases and help you differentiate why Windows 2008 serves an immediate need for some customers, while some might not need to jump in yet. 

Session Format

Our choice in 2007 was for dialog, a conversation among panel members and engaging the audience. The resounding success was echoed back by everyone as "this is the way a conference can excel with communication". By sustaining the interaction, voice and experience of being in the event placing attendees among peers and trusted community leaders. If you missed last year,  view the entire 2007 conference content for $90, this will give you an idea of the way we took a basic topic and explored every direction on the perimeter to help you see the big picture revealed.

Our session will again defer full-session-length Powerpoint slide shows of a typical conference, we'll go for the exceptional value and dynamic of live interaction. We'll again stay with a single track session format for Group Discussion, Panel Debates, and Expert Drill-down. Look for a few less Panel sessions, and a few more topic specific interviews and demo experiences and solution case studies followed with Q&A. The workshops will be more in-depth, and well look at various applications and technology concerns beyond the server, beyond the infrastructure. We want know what breaks and what fixes the businesses and product for deployment in 2008.